Lacoste è tornato per il 2010 con un look forte, a revisione di un importante patrimonio cone la vintage tennis.

Prende spunto dalle vecchie racchette da tennis di legno.

Riporto il comunicato stampa rilasciato da Lacoste per sapernedi piu.

LACOSTE footwear designers were inspired by vintage tennis racquets for their Spring 2010 Strategic Trend collection. The dark brown used leather on bindings and the off white of the wooden racquets evoke the colour palette for this very special line of shoes.

EUROPA VR is a low-profile cup sole shoe with sporty side stripes. The dark brown of vintage tennis racquet binding finds its way on to the heel, the side stripe and even the eyelets of this shoe. D’ARBLAY VR features the dark brown on the eyelets and heel as well as on the piping detail around the sock collar and a line around the outsole. DOT VR is the original indoor-court shoe, revisited with combination leather and fabric uppers. The dark brown binding is used generously around the bottom of the entire shoe as well as the lace plackets and side stripe. INDIANA VR offers a contemporary hi-top street version in rich shades of the binding brown. The crocodile logo is golden on this shoe.

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